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Birth: a unique opportunity

Umbilical cord blood is rich in stem cells whose biological and immunological features are unique. Collecting it is a simple, non-invasive and completely harmless procedure, both for the baby and the mother. However, this procedure can be carried out only for a very brief time right after birth: it is therefore necessary to think about it in advance, and prepare for it with the support of our medical team. Our mission is to assist you in this process. A simple procedure, a matter for experts Upon registration, a collection kit will be delivered to your home or your maternity ward if you give birth in one of our Nescens Stem Cell Collection Centers. After the collection, the blood will be sent to Swiss Stem Cell Bank, which will analyze it and process it in order to purify it and concentrate the stem cells prior to their progressive freezing and conservation. Founded exclusively in Switzerland over 10 years ago, Swiss Stem Cell Bank has continuously updated its procedures and expertise in close collaboration with Swissmedic. Thanks to this constant attention to quality, it is today the only Swiss private biobank to have been awarded the international FACT-Netcord accreditation.

Adding life to life

We all aspire to maintain for as long as possible our appearance, our physical condition, our mental abilities and, of course, our health.
As living a long life is a good thing,
but only if you can live the life you love. Nescens was created to support all those who are interested in living a healthy life and preserving their youthfulness. Nescens stems from the medical and scientific expertise of the Center for the Prevention of Aging at the Genolier Clinic in Switzerland. The center was created over 15 years ago by Professor Jacques Proust, a pioneer in the development of aging biology and anti-aging medicine.

Stem cells: a resource for life

Their properties
Stem cells have two essential properties: the ability to self-renew and the ability to differentiate into specialized cells.

Their natural role in the body
Stem cells play an important role in the growth, regeneration and repair of tissues following damages caused by traumas, ischemic disease or aging.

Their current therapeutic role
The transplant of stem cells has been for decades a fundamental therapeutic approach in the treatment of several leukemic diseases. Stem cells from umbilical cord blood have been used to treat so far over 30,000 patients worldwide.

Their future therapeutic role
The therapeutic use of stem cells in the treatment of many other diseases is being evaluated. Over 5,000 clinical studies have been dedicated to this purpose, and initial results allow the prediction that stem cells will play a major role in the medicine of the future. The 2012 Nobel Prize for Medicine was awarded for research projects carried out in this promising field.

Our services

Would you like your child to have stem cells extracted from umbilical cord blood and made available for future use in case of need? We are able to offer you two options:

Nescens Baby Classic is designed for prospective parents who wish to entrust the conservation of stem cells of their baby. Our services include the collection of umbilical cord blood, analysis, processing and conservation in Switzerland for 20 years.

Nescens Baby Progress is created for prospective parents who, in addition to the storage of stem cells, also wish to take advantage of our information and support services in case their child experiences a health problem. Our services include the collection of umbilical cord blood, analysis, processing and storage in Switzerland, subscription to our information service and our specialized medical assistance service. With this new formula, we are able to become a reliable partner in the protection of your child’s health. We will keep you regularly updated about scientific advances enhancing the therapeutic value of your child’s stored cells. Our doctors and biologists will ensure free assistance with any medical problem that can be potentially solved by the use of stem cells. At the end of the first year of conservation and services, the contract can be extended for as long as you wish for an annual fee.

Do not hesitate to seek advice

Your gynecologist: a fundamental partner Your gynecologist is constantly updated on the progress of cell therapies and, together with midwives, is responsible for the quality of the procedure. Do not hesitate to ask for advice in order to make your decision and prepare properly for the procedure on the day of your baby’s birth. We will also be there, supporting your gynecologist with anything necessary.

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